How do I improve this locker room?

This locker room seems kind of empty, how do I make it, well, less empty?

What do you feel?
  • It’s good, nothing to add.
  • I have some recommendations. (comment below)
  • This needs a complete rework.

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You can model some kind of duffle bags and clothes hanger.
Maybe adding some places to sit will give us the vibe and my advice is make the red lockers double sided.
Maybe try to add some grid texture to ground remove some lights

[If this is not the brightest locker room in the world]

You can add signs like “Exit” that’s all i could think of.

I hope this helped you out. Stay safe :white_check_mark:


Make the Floor Shinier, it looks sort of like plastic

Maybe Glass, or Metal would Suffice?

Put several posters on the locker/walls and maybe abit of wooden benches

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I already tried doing that, the rendered reflections by Roblox look horrible. I changed it to a tile floor (as recommended by @combine123c17) and it worked like a charm!

I agree with the other posts, but I also suggest maybe adding a few small benches in the middle. Otherwise, this looks pretty cool! :grinning:

I updated it, it looks WAY better now.

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The lighting you have going on atm is kind of extreme. :slight_smile:

It’s supposed to be super bright and blinding, the polar opposite of the rest of the game’s atmosphere.

Don’t worry, none of the tubelights have lights, there are like six invisible ones