How do I increase the CTR of my ad

I’m getting a 1.14% CTR on this ad. I want to increase the CTR, so i get more of my moneys worth. Ive heard that a really good CTR is 5%, so I have made it my goal to achieve that. I tried to give the slightest hint of what the game is about in the ad. You look for rare eggs, upgrade your stats, rebirth, and explore different lands. Would it be better if i made the ad describe what the game is about in more detail? I have already tried making, and testing different variations of the ad, and they all were about the same CTR, but this one was the best.


Its basically on how much peoples see your ad and click on it. If you don’t get much that means peoples are not interested or they don’t see the ads.

I can see some pixelation and these random top-half letters at the bottom.

Include trends, trending topics are more likely to get more clicks, also make it more appealing, perhaps a twitter code in the ad, or something unique that will overall convince the user browsing to click on the ad.

Personally, I’ve experienced really high CTRs (5%+) from simply going with trends, and bidding a fairly decent amount (Around 10,000 R$) and it worked out really well, so overall my suggestion is trends.

Good luck with your ad.


I’ve run ads for a while now and seeing just above 1% is pretty good for the ones I use.
Another big issue I see many people do is not changing the pop-up that appears when you mouse over the ad. Make it something that gives more information or attracts their attention, not ‘AdSkyscraper template (2)’
Advertising is a bit of an art. You have to make it something entertaining and flashy. We are surrounded by sooo much advertising these days that yours has to stand out for people to want to click it.

Yes, please make it eye-catching and fitting to your game.
Just for future ads, make sure to keep your ads on topic. This one is tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, yeah, should have mentioned that very important item.
So many times I will hover over an ad wondering what it’s about and have absolutely no idea what the ad is for. Is it a speed-run game, an obby, a sports game, a racing game, a war game, a hangout?

You have a lot of space there for your ad, don’t fill it all up with an artistic background. Imagine seeing your ‘FIND THE RAREST EGG :egg:’ ad on Roblox. Would you want to click on it?