How do I insert a package to Roblox studio?

Hi! when I use Roblox studio I usually insert gears and accessories for decoration purposes. I use this command:
game:GetService(“InsertService”):LoadAsset(assetId).Parent = game.Workspace

However I want to insert packages aswell, but the command doesn’t work with packages. My question is: How do you insert a package / Bundle to Roblox studio? :thinking:

Since I currently have no idea how to script, if i’m being honest I normally just have a friend wear it for me and load their avatar into studio and just delete the extras. Or if you own it just repeat this step but with yourself.

But that’s just me. there could be a completely easier way that I do not know about.

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This may be hard sometimes, cause you buy something just to have it in your game. But good suggestion after all! :+1:

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There has already been a topic on this. Please do some searching next time

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Oh, thank you! I searched but couldn’t find anything. I will do more searching next time.