How do I insert and script UIs

Hi people

Im trying to insert and script UIs i bought but i dont know how

i need to know how to make the ui buttons open into the UI and how to make a “buy” button to buy developer products


Try looking on YouTube.

Btw, you should not buy GUIs if you do not know how to use them

ive looked before and havent found anything.

Well, every GUI is set up different. I recommend learning ALL about GUIs and how they work. You should also learn how MarketPlaceService works.

Heres some sources:

If its just buttons it can be rather simple, its when you want a good gui with scollbars and viewports that things get interesting

GUI’s are complex I both script and make them so here you go:

So there are a lot of things you can do with UI’s you can tween them or you can script them so that when they are clicked they show a frame, yep it’s really hard to learn at first but eventually you get the hang of it try looking at some of TheDevKing’s tutorials, though this is kind of a advanced concept so I’d recommend learning basic scripting first

For your “Buy” button you would need to use the marketplace service, prompt purchase, and MouseButton1Up or MouseButton1Click, though I cannot give you the code that is for you to learn

It is for them to learn. You could still provide them the means to do so lol.
Make sure you understand the code full when you use it @coloredblocks

Most of what you need should be here.

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Indeed understanding the code is more important than just copy and pasting it

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