How do I intentionally make my game frame rate lower?

I am working on a experience but I am trying to make my animations look like a lower frame rate. All the animations moves too smoothly and I hope I can change them too look less smooth, like a stop motion animation.
Is there any possible ways to do that?

Try changing that property and research on it:

Dev-Forum post: Updates to Animation Throttling - Updates / Announcements - DevForum | Roblox

This will 100% take a number on your FPS.

while true do
    local part ="Part")
    part.Parent = workspace
end -- notice there is no wait

However, I suggest doing it another way.
The stop motion animation you see in games like [HUGE UPDATE😱] Project: Gaming - Roblox is just an animating technique.
I assume this is what you mean:

For the love of god don’t do this


you sir… are evil…

Referring to the OP, not sure roblox has a built in FPS cap beside the 60 max, but I definitely would not use lag to go about it.

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