How do I keep the Camera from flipping when my Vehicleseat tilts to 90 degrees?

  1. What do you want to achieve? I want to be able to control my boat when the VehicleSeat tilts to 90 degrees from level.

  2. What is the issue? When VehicleSeats tilt to close to 90 degrees from level the camera spazzes out and tilts at weird angles compared to the Seat/Player.

  3. What solutions have you thought of so far? I’ve tried manually setting the CameraType and HeadLocked properties but no matter how I set these Properties the Camera still flips out when you approach 90 degrees.
    I tried searching the forums for others who’ve had this issue, but not much came up.

I realize that in most games when a VehicleSeat goes close to 90 degrees from vertical that means the car or boat is not there for long so the camera twisting isn’t a big deal, but in my boat obby the boats occasionally travel close to vertical for extended periods and when the camera flips it sometimes takes a bit of work to get it oriented properly to make it easy to drive the boat.

To see this effect for yourself place a VehicleSeat at the edge of a small baseplate and make the Vehicleseat Anchored and about 20 studs wide. Tilt it so the Front face is facing up, and place it so the end of the seat is just on the baseplate (so you can touch it and be seated facing up, but with nothing behind you to interfere with the Camera.
You’ll notice what I’m experiencing when the camera gets close to 90 degrees from your player. It flips around and becomes difficult to realign, sometimes inverting the camera view and controls from the player’s head.
I’ve tried all the CameraTypes, each with the HeadLocked Property checked and unchecked, but nothing “works right” or seems natural.

Maybe put in a video? I can’t seem to visualise what you are saying!

It’s hard to show the results of the camera loss of control since you can’t see what mouse movements are in a video.
Read the last paragraphs. Anchor a VehicleSeat in your game pointed with the Front face straight up and sit in it. You’ll quickly see what I mean.

I am pretty sure you need to create your own camera system for this.

Roblox default camera script doesn’t really work upside down or on vertically aligned walls.

I suggest if this is a core mechanic of your game to write a CameraScript for this very purpose.