How do i kill the local player with a gui button?

Isn’t the client still transferring to the server both ways?

But, think about it:

@Forummer said that if a client kills its own character, it gets replicated to the server. Wouldn’t this mean that a RemoteEvent is unnecessary and just takes up server memory?

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If the client kills its own character the character’s death is replicated to that client immediately, replication of the character’s death to the server and other clients will still be influenced by network latency.

Yes, that is true, but for me, I like remote events even if there is a small latency and VERY minuscule memory usage. To each’s own.

But that’s still a bad thing to client preformance. Why make something that will take up memory when you can just write a simple killscript? IT TAKES THREE LINES!!!

We are talking about microseconds of latency. It is not going to be a tremendous impact on performance.

Because roblox could deprecate network ownership from the client in the future.

And who says that’s gonna be a thing? Man, your logic makes no sense…

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Because exploits are accessed by the client. If roblox deprecates that, then a lot of hacks will be shut down.

We are actually talking about milliseconds of latency, a ping of 1 translates to 1 millisecond of latency. If a user had a ping of 500, it’d take 1 second for the communication to occur.
player presses button > server is fired > server kills player's character > client is informed > player's character's death is replicated to client

MY logic makes no sense? You were the one putting a server script in starter gui.

And? That means it will still work when deprecated. It’ll just not be suggested for use! Also, that is a HUGE DISADVANTAGE to game developers, this means that they will HAVE to overcomplicate their scripts just for simple functions. Please, think this through!

I see your point and I do not want to continue this argument. As I said earlier and will say now hopefully for the last time, To Each’s Own. Let’s please end this debate respectfully.

i genuinely got popcorn watching this, funniest argument ive ever seen


Yeah. It was generally a useless argument over simplicity vs. complicity


I have to agree. We all friends now?


To sum it up, it was an argument of a bunch of nerds over one second of latency.


I do not want to start another argument, but remoteevent:FireServer() is much more simple than local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
If player.Character.Humanoid then
Player.Character.Humanoid.Health = 0
end (every time you want to kill the player)

That can be easily evaded if you set the Humanoid before doing the kill script. Also, once again, it takes up more memory than required.

All that extra code you are typing is taking more memory than required lol