How do I know if a sound is copyrighted?

Hello ya all!

In the last week I’ve been working with a friend on a brand new survival game.

We wanted to give it a good ambientation and add some good sondfx, cuz there is no good game without good music.

My friend found a sound of 4+ mins wich seems pretty accurate to what we are trying to achieve and I was about to upload it when a question came to my mind.

I’m not exactly the richest robloxian and since uploading sounds to roblox costs :robux: i wanted to be sure that the song have no copyright restrictions.

Is there any actual way to know if it is copyrighted ?

I don’t want to hire a Sound artist cuz, as I said, Im low budget.

I can’t show the sound for obvious reasons, but imagine a Minecraft ambient sound a bit spookier

Help appreciated!

I’m quite sure that you can find copyright information in a sound’s metadata. Other than that, it would be good to acknowledge where exactly you’re sourcing your sounds from and if there’s any licensing information available. If there is nothing available, get into contact with the uploader for that information or permission to use the audio.

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