How do I learn CFrame?

Hello, I am Star.
I am having a problem with coding. I know basically everything I need to know about roblox lua but CFrame.The thing is that I haven’t done trigonometry in school yet so I don’t know what to learn first.

You could learn CFrames on youtube, but here is a explanation on the dev hub. CFrame | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

it uses the X, Y and Z properties.

Do not begin from trigonometry!!! start from what you know and keep going up until you reach trigonometry, and for cframe, just keep reading and messing with it using scripts and you should be fine

Alvin Blox has a good way of explaining this, I do not recommend watching devkings advanced tutorials as when they get to a higher understanding, he gets confused as well and doesn’t know how to explain it.

Best way to learn trigonometry is using Khan Academy, before you start trigonometry, you need to know algebra

Adding onto what osrock said, here is a graph of a x,y,z coordinate plane


Well CFrame just means Coordinate Frame, and it tells you where the object is in the world on X Y Z coordinates.
Referencing a part by it CFrame in a script


Changing it to an absolute location in your world would look something like

Part.CFrame =,Y,Z)

Moving the part from itself to another location, like without having to add absolute numbers every time to move a part would be like

Part.CFrame = Part.CFrame +,Y,Z)

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Thank you. I just look at some scripts and think to myself that this is really complicated.


Well, once you get used to it then you’ll get better at it, though CFrames may look difficult at the start it’ll get much easier the more and more you do.

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