How do I learn scripting efficiently and fast?

Hey, soo I’ve been scripting like programming for about 1 year but I can’t seem to remember the scripts, or if I try to make one I end up making it wrong, I try to watch videos, look at some Devforum threads and I read some books about programming even the game on roblox about Lua Learning that helped a lot but I still can’t seem to remember. I was hoping if you guys could maybe give me some links of lessons/quiz’s for me to do so I could remember, and study. I think I know a lot of the vocabulary and such, but I just have a hard time figuring out how it all works and putting it together. How do I learn to do that and advance/upgrade my knowledge? Thanks.


Make a game, that is your best method to learn.

Practice, Practice, Practice

You don’t need to remember everything, you can always use the DevHub

It is more important know how to gain knowledge rather than retain it

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If you know the basics, syntax, and such, then what you’re missing is application. There’s no “efficient” way to learn this, you’ll just have to try out new projects and explore with ways to solve problems. Practice is what you need to advance from here.


Yeah, but everytime I think of something it’s to high leveled. I don’t have the right skills. And If I have an idea that is my level ends up going wrong AND I’m not that creative, I am but not so much. Thanks, for the idea too! Also, I’ll try anyways.


Alright, I’ll try that! Thanks.