How do i link a mesh with an armature to another object?

Hello again!
This time, i’m making something similar to a flight stick from a plane and a shifter from a car.
I’ve rigged my “shifter” stick to an armature with the root, and the main movable part.
So far, importing it to Studio was easy, but now i need help with connecting it.
I wanted to make it so it didnt move by using any animations, but by an arm.
Basically, i have an arm which is a part of “Models” subfolder and the stick is separate from the arm.
Here’s a layout of how it looks like.

– Console
---- Parts
---- | Arm
---- | Stick
---- | Hinge (formerly used for the rotation point of the stick, but using the Root bone of the stick, i figured i could keep it in place instead of using a hinge, since the Shifter bone will be the only one that moves.)

Here’s a quick mockup, obviously the model isnt the actual one and the animation is just for reference.

For the movement, i have it scripted out already, but im just having problems with the leather part (which hides the internals, but im just too lazy to model stuff) moving and having the bottom part, which is pinned down by a frame, stay stationary since the flightstick and partially the leather part are the only ones supposed to move.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!