How do i load and play an animation on a local custom mesh with a humanoid

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Im trying to play a specific animation for each of 8 custom rigs (square blocks with faces) and make those rigs visible in a surfacegui using a viewport (thats why i need them to be local because i dont think you can do that on the server)

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No idea how to do it because the animations arent playing at all
This is an image of the hierarchy btw

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I tried looking everywhere and asked so many people been at this for like 7 hours now

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This is the code for the animations, its a local script

local Folder = script.Parent
local PlayAnimationsEvent = Folder.PlayAnimationsEvent
local AllFaces = {
	Folder[":I 1"],
	Folder[":/ 2"],
	Folder[">:/ 3"],
	Folder["😖 4"],
	Folder[";I 5"],
	Folder[":< 6"],
	Folder[":> 7"],
	Folder[">:I 8"]
local Number = 2

	local Face = AllFaces[Number]
	local Humanoid = Face:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("Humanoid")
	local Animation = Face:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("Animation")
	local AnimationTrack = Humanoid.Animator:LoadAnimation(Animation)
	Number += 1
	if Number > 8 then
		Number = 1
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I’m not an expert but don’t those go in player starter scripts?

they are inside the player because they are inside playergui so they should work (and putting the script inside player scritps or character scripts fixes nothing)

You need a WorldModel to play animations in viewport frames…
Im so dumb :neutral_face:

ik im late but how exactly did u end up doing it

you need to put a WorldModel inside the viewport and put everything that was in the viewport inside the WorldModel then the animations should play