How do I load parts client side?

How do I make parts client side? I know that it has something to do with remote events, but I still don’t really understand it. Can anyone help me?

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Anything instantiated from a local script is client sided.

So"Part",game.Workspace).Position =,10,15); would be a client sided part should it be ran from a local script.


Okay, but what do I run it in? The starter gui, the character, or the player scripts? Like, which one?

Local scripts only execute within Workspace, Replicated First, and Player class.

Huh? I didn’t know local scripts could execute in Workspace…

Thats how the Animate script inside the player model executes.

No, but it’s inside the character. I didn’t know stuff could function in the main workspace. But I knew it could function in the character

Technically it can’t execute within Workspace if you created the local script on workspace/on the server. If I’m not wrong, if you place a local script on the workspace in studio, it would count it as “server” object? Meaning it wouldn’t function. You’d have to put it into StarterPlayerCharacters for it to work in the character which in turn THEN allows it to run on the client “in the workspace”.

Though correct me if I’m wrong of course.