How do I localize a formatted string

So I want to localize my game from English to French, but I have a problem.
My base string is

string.format("%s's water plant", Owner.Value)

which, for my username, shows:

GenericsAccount's water plant

But, in french, I have to put my username at the end, like that:

"Usine d'eau de %s"

So I tried to make it translate from the first string to the second, but it just shows the english version instead of the french one…
So can somebody help me please?


Did you look into this at all yet?

Yes, I did, but it’s really confusing, like I didn’t understand if I should put it in the base string or not (I tried too but it just showed {Owner.Value}'s xxxxx

Why don’t you use this way of format your strings :

local YourString = Owner.Value.."'s water plant"

And I don’t really understand what you want to achieve ?
Sorry for reviving this topic !
Have a nice day !

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No big deal, still haven’t solved this.

I don’t do it that way because in English it’s:
“%s’s water plant”
but in French it’s
“l’usine à eau de %s”

Thank you!

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You can escape string by using \
Works fine to me and it will look like that in your scripts:

local MyString = "This massage contains two \' \'"
print(MyString) -- prints This massage contains two ' '
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Sorry, could you please specify a bit more?
I thought it would be used for something like:

print("Hello, I'm \"print()\".\nI can help you with debugging your script!")

Which would print:

Hello, I'm "print()".
I can help your with debugging your script!

Thank you!

In lua \ basically means ignore the next symbol if it changes the string. Basically, you use it when you don’t want a new string.

String = "Hello"print()"world" -- outputs error

String = "Hello\"print()\"world" --[[ this string will look like Hello"print()"world 
if you print it]]

You can spot the different even in devforum

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Thank you, but how could I use that to help with localization?

I mostly saw your issue with the strings themselves, which use restricted symbols like '.

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