How do I lock my camera In place?

Hello, I need some help with the camera in workspace.

So, my camera, in workspace, I want it to be locked when someone enters the game, It’s what they see. They can’t move the camera or their Character. I’ve looked for this but I didn’t seem to find anything similar to my case.

This is the camera angle and position I want to be locked.

Feel free to help me in the replies down below


You can try going to StarterPlayer and switching the CameraMode property to “LockFirstPerson.”

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You could try unbinding RMB and then rebinding it again once the player leaves the gui.

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LocalScript → StarterCharacterScripts

local Camera = workspace.CurrentCamera
-- what is the full z position
local CameraCFrame =, 4.835, 166) * CFrame.Angles(

	Camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable
	Camera.CFrame = CameraCFrame
until Camera.CameraType == Enum.CameraType.Scriptable

is this what you want?


What is math.rad? I don’t know if It is what i need but first i need to know what math.rad does

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math.rad turns degrees to radians

math.rad(45) -> 0.7853981633974483
math.deg(0.7853981633974483) -> 45
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It’s orientation right?

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Alright, worked pretty good, but my field of view is wayy off, how do I fix that?

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you can make the background part bigger

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Alright, I fixed the field of view thanks! This worked out great.

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