How do I loop through two folders?

Hello! I have a small issue with my code.

I have two folders.


They contain models of plate and food.

I want to loop through these folders at the same time.

				local attribute = box:GetAttribute("InsideItem")
				local food = game.ReplicatedStorage.Items.Normal:GetChildren()
				local plate = game.ReplicatedStorage.Items.Plate:GetChildren()
				for _,v in pairs(food,plate) do
					if v.Name == attribute then
						print("item found!")

I tried something like this but the problem is that it’s only looping through the food folder.

Please help!

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you can either make a loop for each folder seperate OR you can combine the 2 tables like so:

local combinedFolders = {}
for i, v in food do
	table.insert(combinedFolders, v)
for i, v in plate do
	table.insert(combinedFolders, v)

I think you can also make the two tables a tuple and combine them like that

local combined = {unpack(food), unpack(plate)}
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Try using the Spawn() method.

there is absolutely no reason to use spawn here

Thank you so much! It was the exact thing I was looking for

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