How do I lower "Render" property

Ok I’m having problems where the render in the micro-profiler is spiking badly. I started by deleting the entire map…
Anyone know how to fix this? I don’t want constant spikes…


I’m not sure that the MicroProfiler is something you’re supposed to write to, rather only read and use for debugging purposes. Perhaps it’s not your MicroProfiler acting up but your game instead. Have you tried analyzing the spike in data?


Usually what causes a spike in frame time is an expensive operation that is performed once every so often or when an event occurs. To prevent this, the operation should be spread out over multiple frames by yielding, often with wait(). Could you when you have the microprofiler open and paused (ctrl + p) look at the top of the world view and click on dump from the microprofiler menu and then 512 frames? This should prompt you to save it and it can then be uploaded here so we can all zoom in/out and view the entire profile you have captured, including what may be causing the spike.