How do I make a 2D shaded 3D mesh?

I’m not entirely sure how to describe what I want in words, but basically I want to make stuff like these

basically the meshes have something that makes them have strange shading and it’s exactly what I need, the issue is how do I do it? I’ve tried taking the mesh and putting it in blender and changing the individual vertices to go over my mesh, but it’s taking forever and when I export I don’t want to have someone’s texture in the files. is there a specific option in blender to just change what I currently have to have the shading I want and export to fbx/obj? please let me know


Well i am also a beginner. But ik how they do tht.

Basically when ever you create a mesh it has a *Shading Map which determines how will light strike on it and reflect back to camera. If you are using blender :-

This can be solved by smooth shading but it gives a Very Deep yet Vague Shading. To solve that we can use some modifiers.

This Guy taught me this stuff long ago so if you want to learn more see this

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already have shade smooth, still gives me ugly shadows when I want little to none at all

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Thats what im saying. You use some modifiers here.
Mostly Bevel should work for you. But if not first do decimate then try bevel or try flipping normals.

Set the bevel to ~0.5 (Varies try messing with numbers though 0.5 will work for you, then try messing with angles in modifier tab)

yeah no I don’t think it’s working

this is what I’m getting and what I want
the tree has shading and now also weird angles, the other thing looks completely flat, but it is in fact round
this is what I’m trying to achieve

Ok 1 Last Advice…

Go to orignal mesh, shade smooth, auto smooth…

what’s auto smooth and where is it?

never mind, found it and tried it but it’s basically just shade smooth but automatically on edges with a certain angles

Oh cool was writing about it. But i still dont believe tht u will get your desired results as for the most it doesnt work for me so i have to use the above method mostly :grimacing:.still if you get it right then i guess my meshes suck

You can try enabling auto-smooth under the Object Data
tab to achieve a much smoother and sharp edges for shadow rendering.
As for the last two images you’ve provided, the glowing effect mainly is based on the UV maps being baked with indirect and direct lighting scenes.
This video is a good example on how to bake scene lights onto your UV texture:

Lighting (Shadows) Texture Baking Basics in Blender

More info on Render Baking


That thing exists???(charrrrss)

I’m just gonna wrap the shade-less mesh around my mesh since it actually seems like the only option rn

Uhhh hey just ONE last solution. If your mesh is gonna be stationary then you could just split the mesh in to 2 (leaves and the branch) and apply a highlight to them.

that would not produce the effect I want though, that would only outline it. the effect I want is to make it look flat

No the Fill Property. It will fill in the outline and make it look as if it were solid.

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I’ll try that, not sure how it was done on UGC items though

You want the tree to have the style of the other shape thing; but that shape has faces which are calculated incorrectly as to not be multiple proper faces with a flat surface, but rather one single face that has illogical porportions and calculations.

I drew a diagram showing what that shape actually is composed of.

Left is what it is supposed to be, right is what you have and want.

Overall, I’d try to avoid trying to make faces illogical like that.

but it looks great in roblox, I’m assuming it makes this tree look how it is
and I know it definitely makes this owl pet look how it is (I took it apart in blender and got the weird shaded thing)

Then you may follow what I explained to achieve the results, as that seems to be the only option.

alright, but how do I do that?