How do I make a bomb explode after a certain time

Hello fellow Scripters of the Roblox Dev Forum, I was thinking of making a bomb but I have some problems:

  1. I was thinking of activating the bomb on impact, so I made the part go into the air and I wrote a script to drop it after 10 seconds, I tested it, nothing happened. No BOOM so I moved on.

  2. I was thinking of activating the bomb after a certain amount of time with a script, but then me being my lazy self looked in the properties of explosion, I found nothing that could help me and I stopped there.

I tried to look up some ways you could do this on the dev forum, and nothing.

And I have just started scripting a few days ago so I don’t know what to do now since I have the basics done, I know this part is kinda off but can someone tell me what to do after the basics are nailed down?


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I’m a bit confused, is this bomb just supposed to be a part on the ground or a tool?

A tool but im testing it as a part for now

Can you show me the script?? Because i can not help you without the script.

local Part = script.Parent

Part.Anchored = false

that was the script i did for number 1, The brick fell but it didnt make an explosion

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I’m not too familiar with tools but here’s the script to explode on impact:

local explodePart = script.Parent
function explode()
	local explosion ="Explosion", game.Workspace)
	explosion.Position = explodePart.Position

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And im trying to work on the script for number 2 even tho i dont know what to do lol

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To make an explosion you need to create the explosion on exploding.

Meaning you make like 10sec before the explosion and then you create the explosion.

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OHHH I read @ChoosyCrowd408 script and tried to comprehend it, I get it now, and @Trystanus Explained it, Thanks guys

and can you guys help me???

sorry if it was too much, probably should’ve explained it better instead of just posting

Its alright
30 charrrrssssssss

I’d say just practice, try and get better. If you have any project ideas, maybe work on those.

wait(30) --30 sec before explosion

local explosion ="Explosion")
explosion.BlastRadius = 60
explosion.ExplosionType = Enum.ExplosionType.NoCraters
explosion.Position = script.Parent.Position
explosion.Parent = game.Workspace

More info:

Thanks, my next project might be a shop :smiley:

Thanks for the api refernce and the help, Hopefully it helps :smiley: