How do i make a car using dae file?

Hi its my first time trying to import a car to roblox from blender, i actually have a dae file downloaded fron 3dwarehouse, just asking like if anyone can sent me a video of yourselves inserting, configuring the car in blender before inserting to studio as fbx. Also pls tell me step by step bcuz im still a beginner at blender.

You can use the Search tool here or on YouTube to find a general tutorial converting .dae to .fbx

Asking volunteers to go out of their way importing the file, configuring it, converting and inserting into Studio and recording that is a bit much.

Since blender is an external tool to Roblox as well, this isn’t really the forum for learning how to do this either.

Good luck with the project.

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Blender can import .dae file
But problem it is When you import from 3dwarehouse there a lot missing parts following


But my trick it is i open file in sketchup then export it obj then convert as fbx in blender then import in roblox studio

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