How do I make a cel shading effect with basic parts or meshes?

All I want to know is how do I take a basic CylinderMesh and make it inverted. I tried making its scale negative but it did not work.

I know I saw a thing a while back where you could turn parts “inside out” by using cframes but I forgot how. Could someone maybe link that topic or explain how to invert normal roblox parts?

NOTE: I don’t have blender. I don’t really want it either tbh. I don’t model / build often.


Inverted Scale doesn’t work with default meshes, only file meshes.

You could do this with CFrame if you really wanted, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.

I give you this quote from Roblox Staff:

I wrote about it more here: Preventing glitch in between two CFrame tweens - #4 by nicemike40

Here’s the relevant quote:


This didn’t make the part look any different. :frowning:
Im using a part with its shape set to cylinder.
I put that script in the part and then copied it after playtesting the game.

First this won’t work if you have a CylinderMesh inside the part, I don’t think?

Maybe try CFrame.fromMatrix(cf.Position, right, -up, back) or CFrame.fromMatrix(cf.Position, right, up, -back)?

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Im not using a cylinder mesh. Just the basic cylinder part. Lemme test that code.

It works! Tysm!

Now I can add a nice cell-shaded effect to the notes in my rhythm game :slight_smile:

Edit: nvm. Once I copy and paste the part it seems to fix itself. Leaving the script in the part does nothing. It inverts it but not on my screen. Only when I go to server view :thinking:

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Glad to hear it! Just note that it might break at any time (read the quote by the Roblox Staff that I posted above).

While it seems to be buggy and pretty un-reliable (as stated above) but I did find a cylinder mesh that outlines normal cylinder parts perfectly. Thanks for helping though! :slight_smile: