How do I make a **circle part** get smaller each 1 or more seconds?

  1. You know how when you play battle royals for example fortnite, there is something called storm circle where every seconds or minutes the circle becomes small killing all that are outside of it. well technically the circle don’t became small it’s inside expand.

  2. Issue i am kinda a beginner on scripting and i am making a game where players fight each other until there is a winner

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? I have tried to make a normal (4) parts move slowly to the middle until there is one person left but it didn’t work because if the parts move then their will be a gap at the edge of the base. it should look like this

    I am not trying to make you write the script well…yeah :thinking: just this one


Well, you can make a cylinder in the workspace. And set its orientation to 0, 0, -90, (straight orientation), and create a script inside that cylinder and put the following:

while wait (1) do -- Every second do:
script.Parent.Size = script.Parent.Size - (1, 30, 30)  --Decrease cylinder XYZ sizes

You can create a Region script and see the players inside that cylinder. But I am not very familiar with Region. You can search on youtube about.

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