How do I make a click part?

How would I make a part when clicked it moves 1 stud each time it’s clicked?

Example of about what I have, besides the click function

Script.parent.parent.PartName.Position = 1,0)


They’re very useful.

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Vouch above. That script is going to error I believe. A Vector3 requires an X, Y, and Z value.

You’re probably just better off doing the following:

-- Create a click detector as a child of your part. Inside of it.
local ClickDetector = game.Workspace.PartName:WaitForChild("ClickDetector")

-- In the documentation, MouseClick is for ANY click on the part. The ClickDetector detects the mouseclick.
   game.Workspace.PartName.Position +=, 0, 0) -- Moves one to the right on the X axis. (X, Y, Z)

Hope this post helps!

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OHHHH the += I was using + and kept getting the error like can’t (add). I already knew about the clickDetector and such I also wasnt copy and pasting my code sorry lol. This really has helped so much! I’ll give it a try soon.

Thanks, I knew about the clickDetectors already. <3

you can also get a click part too! by adding it into your work space and from there you can code that part

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