How do I make a cooldown UI with tools like in deepwoken?

Hey! I want to make a cooldown UI for tools like deepwoken, where when an ability is on cooldown it fades from red to normal. I do not know how to do this for tools, so please help

to get that “fading” effect from red to normal you need to tween, and make that tween as long as the cooldown duration

right after the player used their ability, set a timer and DURING that timer the player is not allowed to activate their ability

Yes, but what would I be tweening? How do I get access to the backpack Ui and figure out which icon to tween?

you could have a frame that is red overlay the tool image and then tween the transparency up to 1 (fully invisible) over the duration of the cooldown.

they prob used a custom ui, so you need to make a custom backpack if you want that same effect.

Yes and I do have a custom, but how do I find and tell which icon holds the tool?