How do I make a cross-server chat?

Hello members of Devforum,

I was wondering, how can I go about making a chat system that works across servers? Maybe even across games?

I know in the past, people have made certain things like ROBLOX phones and stuff that would allow you to message people across games. I don’t need to make an entire phone, of course, just the chat.

First, we tried using data stores which did not work out. Now we are wondering if we need to use a web server or something.

Any ideas?


You can use a web server, or wait for MessageService to go live.


Currently, the only possible ways of cross-communication are through data stores or using web requests. Although, both of these methods have limitations to how much you can use them. HttpService has a higher amount of requests you are limited to, however this would require you to have your own domain or website that it interacts with. However, with both of these methods comes delays while posting or getting information (messages). Assuming you decide to use HttpService, you could tell the player when they have exceeded the amount of requests in a minute (maybe 5 - 10 messages in a 10 player server). There is also a release note that has promised a MessageService which is dedicated to cross-server communication.


Universe Scripts were thrown aside, not a promised feature. MessageService will be out soon and provides cross-server chats as well as real-time leaderboards.

Fixed. :slight_smile:

We tried Datastore with no luck, even in the same universe, the Datastore wasn’t updating on the other worlds.

Alright I think we will wait for MessageService.

Datastore.OnUpdate is not called unless there is a GetAsync called (iirc from a previous topic). It shouldn’t be hard to do this web-server wise, but would need a reliable host for constant requests.

OnUpdate is broken, so I used the GetAsync Loop, and when I set a value it would only update on the server it was on not the others.

Any news on MessageService?

11 days later… Notifications. Thanks, I hope to see it implemented soon.

You may want to check out Okwo’s sendShared function which runs cross-server and is pretty efficient. :grinning:

Let me know if you’re interested or just hop into our Discord (link is at the bottom of the website) so I can explain it deeper and answer any questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Etheroit Incredible, its exactly what I needed! I’ll join the discord for more information.

MessagingService has now been released for Beta, in case if you still wanted to know!

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Thank you!