How do i make a custom dialogue system?

So, i’m trying to make my own version of roblox’s default dialog/dialogue system, since its very limited to customization and UI design.

Here’s an article for those who don’t know what dialogs are: NPC Dialog Boxes

Iv’e already gotten the layout for conversations done

I just don’t know what to do from here.

Some help will be greatly appreciated!

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Are you asking how to make the chat say {System} (Message)?? As in when a friend joins it says “{System} You’re friend … has joined the game.”?

You misread my thread. I’m asking how do i make my own version of ROBLOX’s built-in Dialog / Dialogue system. Not the chat system.

Text on screen or do you just wanna make it say whatever you want in chat? Am I misunderstanding??

Currently asking myself the same question, could you please make it a little clearer?

this thing Dialog | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

Oh alright, well let me look a little more into it. I’ll most likely respond within the next half hour.

Ohh, are you asking how to make it where people can pick a dialogue and have it say it in chat? Like Murder?

no. Dialogs are for NPCs. Have you ever played a game with an NPC that you can chat to?

It should look like this

So you want text on screen? Like having a chat with a NPC? Do you want it to say it in chat or (Again) on screen? Oh!!! I understand!

Edit: Found a page on dev forum. Hope it helps!

Also I think this is the script for it. Not sure though.

  1. workspace.Dialog.DialogChoiceSelected:connect(function(player,choice)
  2. if choice.Name == “No” then
  3. player.Character.Humanoid.Health = 0
  4. elseif choice.Name == “Yes” then
  5. player.Character.Humanoid.Health = 1000
  6. end
  7. end)

You have the wrong layout I think, I have an NPC just like this in my game, let me check the layout
real fast.

Thats using roblox’s default dialog. I’m trying to make my own version

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I’m confused now, You want to make the same thing but, make it different? What are you asking? Am I the only one not understand?

ok, the issue i have with roblox’s default dialog, is that its very limited to customization. Like what if i want my own design?

You want to change the color and everything? Doesn’t it explain that on the dev forum page I sent earlier?

your not understanding. Its not just the colour i want to customize. its the whole system.

And like i said before, the thing sent me talks about roblox’s default dialog system.

Like, what do you want to customize?

the coding, the interface design, and i even wan’t to add my own little things.

There are a lot of videos out there talking about this. Search them up before you make a post.

You just have to google it. I googled it and found it.