How do I make a default team?

So, basically I want to make players spawn on a visitor team, which color is “Dark blue”. I’ve turned off auto assign for every other team except visitor, yet people still always spawn on the other team. I do have a script which teams people the other team if they are in a group, but if they even aren’t in that group, they always spawn on that team.

Thanks, Artufacts.


The Spawn’s TeamColor should be same with the Team’s Color

It is, but my problem has nothing to do with spawns: Nobody spawns on the visitor team, even if they are not in the group.

It might be the Neutral property. From your description I would suggest only your Visitor SpawnLocation should be Neutral, the rest should have this property set to false so they are only available when the TeamColor matches the Player.TeamColor.

See the Spawning Rules section at SpawnLocation | Roblox Creator Documentation


Change the team you want to set as default AutoAssignable property to true(and keep all the other teams to false).


The original post does say that has already been done.