How do I make a dynamic story game?


I want to make a story horror game, but how do I make a story game without inserting a script into every part of the game?

For example, I want jumpscares and certain things to happen at specific parts of the game, but do I need touchparts so that it happens when you reach a certain location? Or is there any other way?

Hope you guys understand and if you dont, please ask me to explain again.

EDIT: Short, how do I make a storygame dynamic?

#help-and-feedback:game-design-support is the correct category

Try looking on youtube for animated cutscenes and jumpscare

Oh sorry for wrong category. I will try that

I’d say that #help-and-feedback:scripting-support is more appropriate since what’s being asked is how to script it in a more organized way (if I didn’t get it wrong)

I guess so, I just saw the not putting script everywhere as confusing

You got it completely right. Sorry I will remake this in that category and delete here. :slight_smile:

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