How do I make a fighter plane cockpit like this

  • What are you attempting to achieve? (Keep it simple and clear)

  • What is the issue? (Keep it simple and clear - Include screenshots/videos/GIFs if possible)
    I don’t know how to make it look nice

  • What solutions have you tried so far? (Have you searched for solutions through the Roblox Wiki yet?)
    I did attempt to make it two time but it both look terrible so I deleted it
    Here’s my progress so far

I suggest learning blender, it will make this process ALOT easier, plus unions kinda stink

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Yes, I should learn to use blender again. I gave up learning it a while ago when Roblox made it easier to rescale unions

You can see how this game did it (dead ahead):

I have also tried replicating other game’s cockpit and it looks like this


you need to warp/make the fuselage a little larger at the canopy and front

I tried to do it but I don’t think I like the way it looks so maybe i’ll try to fix the cockpit