How do I make a first person cutscene play?

So Ive been working on my game, Realistics Test V2 - Roblox. And I made a first person cutscene with moon animator. Now I want it to play when the player joins the game (As a first person cutscene, ofcourse). Here are my 2 Problems now:

  1. How do I script it so when the player joins the cutscene plays
  2. Won’t the player’s head bein the place where it was spawned? I’ve seen a lot of Dances or different animations and when I was in first person the camera position would be in the same place where im standing, but not following the head.

If this is the wrong place to post this please tell me, I will delete this.


when you want to execute a code when a player join you need this statement

           ---do your cutscene plays 

A Question, (since im a new developer I don’t understand much stuff right now) So what does
“–Do your cutscene plays” In line 2 mean? What should I do there?

It means that you have to run your own code in there. Normally there’s cutscene plugins on roblox that will help you with that

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