How do I make a game more fun?

Is there a special way to make games more satisfying? I have a core loop and stuff but for some reason the game isnt too interesting after some time. Here is the game btw: Food Fight! - Roblox
Does anyone have feedback?


I played it on mobile. Trowning the burguer was imprecise and the UI is too big and colorful to me. That is my actual feedback.

I believe that the user experience and challenge/reward are the thing that make people play games for hours. Smooth animations, contextual environment music/sound effects, etc.

For your games gameplay, I would recommend: emit particles of food hit, play splash funny sounds, make the scenario dirty with stains of sauce and ketchup, makes the player slide when step on them.

Also I think you should make color vibrant scenes, since it’s supposed to be a funny game. An arena based on a giant table with burguers, millshakes, pizzas, tacos, would fit the game propposal.

You can keep UI colorfull, but limit you pallete to 3 or 4 collors and make it hideable with a button to show/hide.

I think is that all. Hope your game get sucefull.


Thank you so much! All of this really helped but I have one last question. Do you know how to add effects like what you listed to the game? Im not really good at particles


Hm, I animate my particles with blender. For irregular shapes like splashes I would use grease pencil tool. Animate position and/or color, then render the animation. Then with the generated images, I use the Tilemancer addon for Gimp, which generates a flipbook.

Note that, you should always play VFX on client with a RemoteEvent event.


Thank you! Do you think there is anything else I should add to my game? Its really hard to get that satisfying effect to make the player happy


I haven’t played it too much, cause I’m in not on PC. But, hazards, maybe. Make it chaotic and colorful. Not so chaotic like Fall Guys, but sticky areas like a slice of pizzas cheese.
I can make two or tree flipbooks for you tomorrow. I should learn it, of course. I’ll pass my Discord in your DM, contact me or I’ll not remember.


Alright, sounds good! Thank you so much!

I played it on PC and it’s not bad. I like the idea, however, it could be improved.

First, throwing the burger was extremely imprecise and hard to hit the zombie. I hit the zombie maybe once every 4 throws and I was aiming right at it.

Second, the UI is little jank. The colors need to be toned town a little, tweens could be added/made smoother, and a couple of things didn’t look to be centered properly. It’s not terrible but it needs to be a little more clean looking. Also, it needs to be more fluent throughout the whole game. If the background of one menu is, for example, teal, then the other menus need to be teal. If one close button is square with a black X, then all of them should be square with a black X. Little details like that make everything look professional.

The sounds in the game are great, I like the one when you hit the zombie with the burger. It’s just a satisfying and funny sound and little details like this are great in the game.

The zombies were a little lifeless and ran a little too fast in my opinion. Made it so that I was aiming behind my character while running forward to not die. I think it would be more fun it I could stop and aim at the zombie forward like I would aim in any other game. Also they should make some kind of sound, effect, or follow a more natural looking path because they just looked kind of lifeless.

Also a little more random-ness should be added to the gameplay. Like factors to the gameplay rather than just zombies to run from. Like the other commenter said, hazards and things like a sticky area would make the map more fun. Another idea is a slippery area from spilled soda or something. It could make the character fall over and take a second to get up.

Overall, good game and good idea, it just needs some improvement on the details. Good luck on your game!

Thank you so much! All of this helped me out since I was so confused on why everyone left the game! Thanks so much!

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Oh and I forgot to mention, how do I make it easier to throw? I use the mouse.hit.lookvector is there a better method?

Hello again. Try to instantiate the burguer from the HumanoidRootPart or LookVector instead from the hand. I would recommend to disable CanCollide from the food:Clone() too, and enable it back when touch something or after a second.

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