How do I make a game they teleported to not appear in their recent games?!

Howdy DevForum! I have a question, so I am making a button where you teleport to a different game, so basically you are in the main lobby you press this button, and then you get teleported to the main game. But is there a way to make it so it does not appear in their recently played games. I do not have a code or anything, I did not start making it, I am just asking a question. But is it possible if I make the game they are teleporting to private? Would it still work?!

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Hi again.

Could you give a more context here?
If you’re using places and not seperate universes (experiences), only the main(starter) place will appear on a player’s recent activity.

If you’re using 2 driffrent experiences, there is no way unfortunately.

For example, so you know that horror games, in the lobby will teleport you to a match right? But at the home page only the game lobby appears, and the match/played they got teleported to doesnt appear in their recently played. How do you do that?

does this help?

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what button GUI of Proximity Prompt?
And If GUI does it open close?

Maybe something like this?

Again, that’s just multiple places in one universe. Use the asset manager to create new places for the universe you’re editing.

Your Starting Place is the only game that will appear in the recently played… in a universe there can only be one starting place and thats what players will see.

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