How do I make a good back story or secrets for an SCP Foundation?

So, where do I start?
Greetings, everybody! I’m currently working with my partner to create a detailed, and realistic SCP Foundation, however when it comes to making things [REDACTED] and such, we aren’t too good at it. We really need a back story, like how did it all start and such. We don’t want to copy the lore, we want to do something new. We are thinking about telling newly recruited High Ranks such as O5 Council members and Internal Security Personnel/Intelligence Agency Agents a little story that basically exposes the real truth behind the foundation and its assets.

I know that this is all vague but please just leave your suggestions and help us out with this whole storyline. We are new to this, but we want it to be much better than most [REDACTED] stuff out there.

Thanks and remember Secure, Contain, Protect.

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Hey, I like your idea! I’ve never heard of something like this in other foundations (Maybe there is but I’ve never been an O5 or IA or something like that so I don’t know).

So, here are some of my ideas. -If you have something built outside- you might want to write something about the surroundings of the foundation and why the foundation was built there. Most people aren’t allowed to come there so it’s mostly a secret. You might also want to have another sector or building with some [REDACTED] SCP’s in it that are completely secret to everyone except from the O5’s (And maybe some special ScD researchers?).

Hope it’s useful!


Hi there. I’m a huge SCP genre enthusiast, been around since 2011 and seen groups thick and thin. Followed the Wiki for just as long.

I see that you’ve taken an interest in SCP, something that’s been gaining traction in the clan side of Roblox recently. That’s pretty nice. You’re definitely on the right track of wanting to thoroughly develop your concept; with the amount of oversaturation and poorly done SCP groups going out now, it’s difficult to secure a good spot running in the genre with other groups available.

First thing I’d like to point out is your use of the term redacted. For Roblox SCP community members, the definition of the terms redacted, expunged and classified are misused and abused. These terms are not specific to SCP and have very specific definitions. In your case, you should be using the term classified.

  • Redaction, represented as [REDACTED] on documents, relates to censored or otherwise edited information for the sake of publication. Redaction only belongs on documentation.

  • Expungement, represented as [DATA EXPUNGED] also on documents, relates to complete data erasure. In the world of SCP, this would mean that data remains nonexistent to those outside of the O5 Council and narratively some figures that you select, such as the Ethics Committee or RAISA (Records and Information Security Administration).

  • Classification, otherwise classified, refers to information distributed across classification groups (by level, access group, need-to-know basis, so on). Information in your case is being distributed across certain levels.

Contextually speaking, using the word redacted here is misuse of the word and doesn’t make sense. Make sure to use the term classified instead! Slapping “[REDACTED]” on anything sensitive when talking or doing meta doesn’t make complete sense.

As far as a backstory goes, I probably wouldn’t get too hooked onto that. For the sake of roleplay it could be understandable but you’ll recognise very easily that doing such a thing has a shaky foundation to it. You need to gauge your audience in terms of enjoyment as a member of the group and a player on the site rather than a backstory that will, in due time, be dismissed and forgotten.

I don’t want to drive you away from how you choose to run your group; that’s ultimately up to you and you should trust your own judgement more than anything when it comes to making that kind of a decision. I’m just informing you, as a long time member of the genre as well as someone who’s tried many concepts through groups, that a backstory has a shaky premise for Roblox-based Foundations. Focus more on ensuring your group is enjoyable, maintainable and survivable.

Good luck.


Thank you so much! I had no clue that abbreviations and such we’re so important. I’m trying my best to follow the SCP lore without copying it and such. I really just want something to tell new members of higher level departments something when they are recruited. Like a story of the creation of our site. If you have any ideas let me know! Again thank you so much.