How do i make a good fog for my game

So i have a game with a very big map, idk how big yet but probably like 10k x 10k studs. And of course i use Game Context Streaming for a map this big. The issue is that when you walk around, the map loads itself and it’s very noticeable so i need to make a fog or anything that will solve this problem. I tried using atmosphere but it won’t help since it’s usefull as a fog only if you have fully loaded map. Can anyone give me some ideas how would i hide terrain loading

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so at moment when player joined to server add loading screen (5- 20 seconds) and when quality is setted high more terrain will load.
The asset may load at this time.

or i dont have any idea.

i don’t want the game to load more, i’m fine with default streaming setup. I want to hide it somehow but i can’t really think of any good way to do it

Delete the atmosphere and use Lighting’s FogStart and FogEnd properties.
Run this in the command bar (you can edit the numbers, it won’t work if Atmosphere is there)

game.Lighting.FogStart = 30
game.Lighting.FogEnd = 40
game.Lighting.FogColor = Color3.fromRGB(240,240,240)

Or just put it into a script in ServerScriptService if you want it to only do it on game start.


What does that mean? What does atmosphere usage have to do with map loading?

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I see you marked this solved, but I was able to do this with Atmosphere, but you have to make the density pretty high depending on how far out you want to hide the view:

I set the density to .6 and haze at 2.45 in this example

If you use Fog it won’t blend well with the sky unless you make the sky color match the fog color. (so you would still see the loading chunks)

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