How do i make a good game icon/thumbnail

Sorry if the wrong category.

Can anybody tell me how to make a good game icon or a thumbnail?

I have or I could use photopea.


I’d recommended changing the link to

Doing a bit of research will provide you with some useful tutorials on how to create good artwork, you can make good looking thumbnails/ icons with just about any alternative program out there.

While I’m artist consider finding a program you’re more comfortable using while learning it will take patience and practice to make good designs as it isn’t something that’ll come overnight. I will try looking into 'gimp, photopea, Inkscape, which are free for creating all sorts of things, the program you have already is a good option so you simply just start creating and learning.

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Yeah I have, but I just think photopea is a whole lot better as you can add like a gradient ON your text, add a drop shadow, outer glow, inner glow, inner shadow and much more. Also doesn’t have as many fonts as photopea does.

Thanks, in the post I said I could use photopea. I use it for most things.

Would also recommend ensuring the sizes of your icons are 256mm x 256mm, and thumbnails kept to 1920mm x 1080mm. Also, you can find a variety of different fonts in places like dafont and google fonts to really get that transition from a potential player looking at your icon to clicking on and playing your game! I personally use Affinity Designer to achieve other extra details such as blur etc, but paint works just as well!

Here is an example of how your game icon could look:

Also, try to keep the style of your icons and thumbnails in the same uniform, so players can easily identify that “oh! this is the game I played earlier” if they’re looking at the thumbnail rather than the icon first.

Best of luck man!


Thank you ill keep this in mind when making my thumbnails / game icon

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i used some of your advice


Beautiful mate, well done!!

I wonder how this’d look if the border and font were white or maybe make the black a little brighter and if you made the outline font black like what I’ve done in my example so the icon could be more visible to potential players.

Love the gradient you’ve added too!!


Let’s see,

I think I prefer the one in the black.


Yeah I agree, nice job on the icons man!


Hello, I would 100% recommend photoshop and blender. Blender is a software that turns your GFX to life, if you want more information you can watch youtube for that.


Just need to learn pretty much, theres no definitive answer on it
Start watching blender guru’s donut tutorial along with his chair tutorial on youtube to get used to blender. Make whatever you want afterwards and when you get stuck ask someone or go on youtube for help

Definitely photopea.
I use it and I can make stuff like this:
256 X 256 (1)
Or more complex!

I suggest getting good with GFX that way you can make 3D thumbnails and It will look a lot better than a 2D thumbnail