How do I make a group logo?



Hello, everyone. I am Cody and I am a very new GFX designer. I am looking to expand on my career and start doing new styles, however I am unsure on how I can do it as I cannot find many good tutorials on YouTube or other platforms.

Examples of what I would like to achieve:


example 1 example 2 example 3

As you can see by the examples above, it seems very advanced. I would really like to try to get to make logos such as them, and expand with my knowledge. All the GFX above was by ESVOIR.

My current GFX style:

Current GFX

That above is the only style I am comfortable with making. I have attempted the other styles, but I cannot seem to figure it out. If anyone is able to help me, please make sure to contact me.

Contact Me!

Discord: CodySmith00#0303
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Thank you for taking the time to read this thread! :smiley:


External softwares such as Blender and photoshop would fit your expectations nicely, thats what I use!


Ideas are to have the group owner’s character in the background and have a font that links the group to the logo as well as the colour.

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I use paint net to edit.
Don’t be scared to look at different types of tutorials even if they aren’t Roblox related.
Especially text ones and photo ones. I am sure they can help you!
I learned how to edit photos by tutorials
I recommend Blender and Paint net but you can get Photoshop too!

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As it has already been suggested, you should use blender. If you want, try out Paint.NET. Even though I don’t use it, I recommend you to use GIMP (I don’t need any photo-editing software, lol). It is as professional as Photoshop and it’s open-source. Good luck with designing that logo, anyway!

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I think the largest difference between the GFX you are making and the GFX you are trying to achieve is the lighting. The person who has created that has edited the skin and clothes on the character to make it shinier and smooth. You would use programs such as photoshop or illustrator (if you can afford it) to get results similar to the GFX you are trying to achieve. Also, you need to experiment with the posture of the avatar as it does look a bit simple in order to achieve your desired GFX. Anyways, good luck with your future GFX!

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