How do I make a head bigger?

Hello, I am trying to make a giant sign that involves a Roblox avatar head, but I can’t seem to make the head bigger, I just need the head big so that the sign has the mascot face in it.

So what I need is for the head to be bigger but the scale tool won’t allow it.

I have searched for solutions, but they are mostly to make the player’s head big overtime or make the players head big, I’ve also gone to toolbox but they are all hats and I need to give it different accessories to stylize it.

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Go into explorer and click on the head there, then scale it with only the head selected.

there’s some originalsize instance thingy, delete it

lets say u have a dummy and take out of the model the head then you can scale it

It’s probably because you turned on collisions. Scaling a part that is directly touching another part will not work if it’s on.

Look into the humanoid you should see something on the lines of HeadScale change the value of it to your Iikeings.

I found the values and managed to change it from there, thank you very much

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I’m Glad To Help. :))))))))))))))))

Go to explorer, find the dummy, press “HumanoidHead” or whatever it says, and size it to how big you want it!