How Do I Make A Killstreak System?

How do I make a killstreak system like Recoil?

Where it has like a Uav, Sentry gun, Care package, Gun ship, Crusie missle, Jugernut and yeah like Call Of Duty

I’ve looked every where like devform, YouTube

I need help please!

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Make a variable called “Killstreak” code it so if the player kills someone, it goes up by one, but if they die, set killstreak to zero.

It should look like this but in Lua instead of English:

New variable="Killstreak"

If player kills another player, change killstreak by 1

If playerhealth=0 set killstreak to 0

local Players = game:GetService("Players");

local KillStreakRewards = {
	[5] = "Radar"
	[10] = "Sentry"
	[15] = "Nuke"

local PlayerTable = {};

local function GetKillStreak(Kills)
	return KillStreakRewards[Kills];

local function PlayerKilled(Killer,Killed)
	PlayerTable[Killed.Name].Streak = 0;
	PlayerTable[Killed.Name].Deaths += 1;
	PlayerTable[Killer.Name].Streak += 1;
	PlayerTable[Killer.Name].Kills += 1;

	PlayerTable[Player.Name] = {
		"Kills" = 0;
		"Deaths" = 0;
		"Streak" = 0;

Thanks for that, But what about the models of the killstreak like the Uav, Sentry gun

Thanks but, How do I add the modules?

Try this in Lua:

If killstreak=5, give the player a Uav

If killstreak=10, give the player a Sentry Gun

And so on.

Try @reteach’s answer too, it’s actually in Lua and probably better than mine.

Yea that’s all coved I don’t know how to make a killstreak pop up on a gui. And what about the modules like where a player can shoot the killstreaks to disactivated. Like Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

I don’t play CoD. It’s rated M.

In a script in the gui write it so the gui shows the killstreak variable.

Check this out: Learn Roblox Studio | Roblox Creator Documentation

Are you looking for something like this from Roblox Arsenal?


No Its Like Recoil Killstreak System If you guys ever played it

Does anyone know how to make a killstreak system?

i this model has kills Death And Kill Streaks Plus with Data Saving Script
i think this would help you out

Thankyou Pizzaboy for helping me

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