How do I make a launcher?

I am making a game where there is a slingshot that would shoot you while you are in a plane

how do I do something like that?

like if someone can tell me the code or somehow explain it to me

If you are trying to accomplish something like angry birds then you can use constraints with like LinearVelocity. If you want the plane to just start flying with a slingshot cutscene or beginning and then let the player fly it then maybe you can do this with animations with a tween.

What I mean is I would fly the plane in like 5 speed
as soon as i go to the sling shot

it shoots me far away with 15 speed with a trail behind me for like 5 seconds

can you tell me how or if you can help me send the code ( you don’t have to send me the code just explain to me how i can do it)


Rocket Launcher - Roblox

but I want it to launch me??


I just sent the links to the reference of what you can use to make what you want happen. 1 way of doing it is to make a slingshot animation and use the constraint to give a linear velocity, set it low then accelerate it at the end of animation then decelerate until u terminate it then give the player control of the plane. Sync all these stuff together and it should look decent.