How do I make a local script into server script without it lagging on client

I am trying to get a local script that right now only you can see it and not other players (animations, effects etc) to be replicated to the server so other players can see it too without it lagging when the server is lagging

the issue is that when I make it serversided it gets laggy and not smooth like a local script

I have tried to make it a module and run it on the character when joining but it becomes laggy as I mentioned before

maybe somehow keep the script client to make it non-laggy and to also replicated it to other players

You should have a LocalScript for each player and then have all of the players run it at the same time

I’ve been trying to find out how to do that but I can’t seem to find any
do you know how to run a local script on other players?

You will need to send a RemoteEvent to the server and have the server send a RemoteEvent back to everyone else so they know what to run.