How do I make a longer Death for EMS roleplay?

Hi Developers,

So, if you saw my previous post my brother and I are working on this roleplay game, with EMS, Fire Department, FBI, and Police Drama. Though the EMS team is not getting enough roleplay, because once you die and ragdoll you respawn so quick they can’t respond to the death call. I was wondering if there was a way to script this, that the death is a bit longer that they could even drive to the scene. Although we know that there are impatient people who just want to respawn and start shootouts again, so we are trying to make an auto respawn button. If you know any of those two scripts and help me do them I’d appericate it.

Thanks, -Justinn.

You can change the RespawnTime property in studio, and use the LoadCharacter function of a player’s character object to force them to respawn.

Thanks! It works, I didn’t know that.