How do I make a minecraft like terrain generator using perlin noise

im sorry if im asking for too much, but i never really understood perlin noise, i don’t even know how to generate a flat world with it. can someone please help me achieve a minecraft like terrain generator with mountains, water, trees, etc?


Perlin noise is a smooth noise that you get by picking random vectors and interpolating between them. The “scale” of the noise determines how far apart the vectors are and thus changes the coarseness. Since vectors can have any number of dimensions you can have any dimension of perlin noise, such as 2D or 3D.
You use it for world generation by conditioning some generation based on the value of noise at that position. So if you generate a 2D grid of parts, the noise could be used to set their height.

uh there is pretty good resources for that,, i think this one describes it very well. It shouldn’t be difficult to do similar thing on luau