How do I make a model move to a part's Position & Rotation?

How do I move the model using the Primary Part and the TweenService?

Typically you Position a Model with MoveTo or PivotTo.

MoveTo uses Vector3 to Position.

PivotTo uses CFrame to Position.

You are unable to Tween a Model to a set Position or CFrame However, you would have to Apply Welds and Tween the PrimaryPart from there.

Well, at least how would I glide a part to another part’s Position? I don’t know the script for that

Ok how do I fix this? I welded the PrimaryPart to the other parts, but when the PrimaryPart moves, then the rest of the parts won’t move:

How do I fix this?

I forgot to UnAnchor the green part nvm! The PrimaryPart needs to be anchored though.

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