How Do I make a normal working knife? (R15)

This might sound weird but, how do I make a normal, functioning, throwable knife? This might sound stupid, but I have never done one before.

Hello, hope this is helpful:

  1. First of all, I’d read the tool API reference. Tools are great for making weapons. Also, I suggest checking this tutorial out.
  2. Also, take a look at the ContextActionService API reference, because it’s the best way to adding functions to your tools.
  3. There’s a lot of ways of making a knife throw, but I’d say there are two main ways:
    • BodyMovers, which are great to add physics.
    • RayCasting, to create a line between you and your target.

If you need any more help, @ me or watch these tutorials which I think are great. Tutorial 1, tutorial 2.

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Check the 2nd tutorial again, I pasted the wrong link! :wink:

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Alright! Thanks for your help, appreciated.

No problemo, anything else just @ me. By the way, you could check my answer as a solution so developers looking for the same question can find it easily.

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