How do i make a paint bucket

This is kind of stupid, i havent made a game in a year… and ive taken a new approach to things from last time. However, to the point. Ive been struggling to make a paint bucket tool, i thought i could use the roblox gear, but i dont know how. its stupid ik but please help. thanks

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i cant insert that though, can you help?

local Game = game
local Workspace = workspace
local InsertService = Game:GetService("InsertService")

local Success, Result = pcall(function() return InsertService:LoadAsset(18474459) end)
if Success then
	Result.Parent = Workspace

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so where do i put this?

Inside the Studio command bar.

no but i want everybody to have that upon spawn, if possible, im really sorry its sorta stupid, but i really dont know how

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Put the tool in starterpack, any tools in starterpack automatically load into your players backpack on spawn

yeah i know, but the paint bucket is the problem, i cant make it or insert the gear, so im a bit stuck

You can run the code @Forummer gave inside the Studio command bar, which in turn will insert the tool inside workspace. Then from that, you can just place the tool inside StarterPack.

thank you sir, i heavily appreciate it and will learn from my foolishness in the past.

well, a few days on, and ive tried the script, however another encounter has risen, the phrase ‘insert service cannot be used to load assests from a client.’
im not sure why this happens, and ill try find another way.

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