How do i make a part being moved by the client update to the server?

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I want the client (updating a part’s position) to update the server

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    I don’t know how to do it.

  2. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?
    I’ve tried align position and body position but they do not update a parts position instantly.






does firring a remote event for every player at least 60 times a second lag the server?

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if your doing it for every each player

i recommend making some cooldowns so it doesnt crash the entire roblox server (after all roblox server is a potato)

Honestly you should just give the player network ownership of the part rather than having the client fire a remote every frame to update where the part is, it’s just not ideal and that’s why network ownership iis a thing so the client can handle the physics so less load on the server


SetNetworkOwner will work only if part is unanchored

this might not work if he anchored it


Well he said he’s tried alignposition and body position so he’s probably talking about an unanchored part as bodymovers dont work on anchored parts

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ok does networkownership have to be set by the server?

yes it needs to be set by server

Yes the the server has to inform what client they want to set the network owner of a part too

What exactly are you trying to achieve, like the system your creating?

a player will be able to move a part with the mouse.hit and the other players will be able to see you moving the part around

Yeah all you need to do is set the network owner of the part whether that be initally on the server or have the client tells the server they want to have network ownership of a part they click on or however your system works, and then on the client you can handle the moving around stuff, and it’ll replicate because the player has network ownership of the part

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