How do I make a part curve

Hey devs,

I wanted to make glass railings, and as soon as they reach the round area I want the glass to kind of curve and make the build look smooth overall. Is there any sort of plug in or some sort of way I can do this without blender?


There’s this cool Studio plugin you can get called Archimedes, it allows you set a specific angle and then create parts which line up at that angle allowing you to create circles basically.

I’d suggest trying it, it can be really helpful.


Use this plugin it helps me: Arc Extended - Arch - Roblox

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I’d recommend Archimedes (v3.1.9) - Roblox by Scriptos.

The only issue you’re going to have is that curves of Glass Parts (if they’re Transparent) will overlap and show the edges.

You could make the curve, then turn it into a Union, or a Mesh after you’ve got it where you want it.


Like he said Archimedes is a good plugin for such things. Just make one glass part and use the plugin.

Easy fix for that is just union the parts.

So, you didn’t read the next line of that post?

Does that concern you in anyway?

It does concern me since you replied to my post where I recommended that overlapping glass parts need to be turned into Unions with “Easy fix for that is just union the parts.”

If you meant to reply to @Purchase_Complete then please reply to their post, not mine.
Also, the plugin you recommended had already been recommended by @TaxFraudBruh and myself in previous posts.

Use some plugins such as “archimedes” . Check it out on toolbox and plugins selection

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god please, do NOT use unions, sometimes their collisions goes haywire!

I tried it, it seems like it adds another part that you can pick the angle of as you mentioned. I’m not sure if this will let me curve the object itself?

That’s one issue, I don’t want parts added onto parts to make shapes. I need the part itself to curve, and I’m not sure if there even is a plug in for that.

Everyone seems to suggest this plug in. Im not sure if it’ll work… Isn’t it just adding another part beside my part and creating a chain that I can just angle to create a curve? Or am I missing out on something big here?

You can’t make a Part curve.
The plugin we suggested does exactly that, it creates a chain of Parts.

Your other option is to make a Cylinder that’s as big as your outer diameter (the green Part) and as tall as you want the railing to be, then make another Cylinder in the exact same spot as the first (Ctrl D). Make this new Cylinder (I’ll refer to it as the “inner Cylinder”) Y axis Size (in the workspace, not in the Cylinder Size) about 2 studs bigger with your Properties window (not the Resize tool since it will move just one edge of the Cylinder)
Now create the railing thickness the size you want it by making the inner Cylinder slightly smaller. If you want your railing 1 stud thick and the outer cylinder is 200 studs across, then make your inner cylinder 198 studs (200-1-1 = 198) and then use the Union “Negate” tool on it. It should turn transparent red.
Select both cylinders and use the Union tool. You will get a hollowed out cylindrical railing.

The issue that will happen is that Unioned Cylinders aren’t the same as a Roblox Cylinder so if your green Baseplate is a Cylinder Part then the railing edges won’t match up perfectly.
There are 2 ways to fix this:
Make the Baseplate a Union, or use the Archimedes tool to make each railing Part match up to your Baseplate Part. The angles and lengths of the Parts will have to change all the way around the circle though so it can be a bit tedious. After making a complete circle of Parts you can Union them all and the visible gaps between each glass Part should be eliminated.

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It makes sure you can make a curve with aligning everything. The v3 version has introduced new features which help even more. You can also adjust the angle a part has to curve and which direction it goes. So yes its very useful and time saving.

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