How do i make a part move to a player (5 studs above)

oh ok thanks ill try it!
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Inside your part put inside it an instance named, “AlignPosition”.

On hearbeat, set the AlignPosition position to the players root part+a vector3 offset with 5 on the Y axis.


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nuhhhhhhhhhhhh… UHHH
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Do not necropost. This does not contribute to the conversation.

HEYYY ok! were kidna close, part just kinda shakes… a lot
But its very very close.
Also could we add some sort of gyroscope to keep it upright? idk how to do that

what does necropost mean?
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Here is a resource that will answer all of these questions.

The part shakes because it copies the same exact CFrame from the character’s head, which is responsible in the animation played by the character when walking.

I recommend that you replace the Head with HumanoidRootPart in the snippet if you want to achieve more static, “gyroscopic” movement.

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im not clickign that link bro, i dont trust any online links
Ill search it rn

@Vortexuel560 He gave you a simplified version of my explanation and you straight up ignored it. Maybe you should learn how to script instead of asking for code.

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ik how to script, dont know how to cframe.

Kinda worked, still gittery tho
I think ik of a way to fix this, just anchoring the part. that woud fix all the issues.
(im making that part)

Yeah that worked, im just gonna write the code for it to do the other thingies i need. Thanks for the help!

How about instead of asking for an entire script from people who have time and energy to help out others that actually need their scripts fixed you ask the one resource Roblox made for you.

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Please read the Roblox documentation.

Additionally, your problem can be solved by using Vector3 instead of CFrame, so the rotation of the object does not change.

like i said before (idk if u saw) i started scripting about less than a month ago

Please read the Roblox documentation.

So use Roblox Assistant, it can help with learning how to do specific stuff. You don’t need to go to devforum every time you want to know how to code something. Do your research first, ask the ai roblox made, check the documentation on stuff like this. You could even play around and try to figure it out. But stop asking people for scripts dude it’s kind of lame and a waste of our and your time.

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I have to agree on this one. Many people in DevForum tend to ask for someone else to provide snippets without attempt or researching throughout DevForum to find answers which matches to what they’re achieving.

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