How do I make a part stick to the characters left or right side?

Hey guys, in the vid i posted below i have an issue with that red floating part you see. I would like it to always let it rotate to the LEFT of the character, but as you can see it is rotating around. How do i stop this?

I thought i might use ToObjectSpace() and then find the WorldPosition of the pat but i dont know how to do that. Any help? Thanks!

Can you explain more? I can’t see much from the video.

I already fixed it. I wanted the part to stay to the left of the character at all times. But when I walked around it kept moving. This was because of the Camera System. Its a simple lock on system and it has a part rotates to keep the player and opponent in view. I added the rotation

centerPositioning.Position = HRP.Position +,5,0)
centerPositioning.Orientation =,CameraSlider.Orientation.Y,CameraSlider.Orientation.Z)

Center Position is the red brick in the video. Camera Slider is the camera part. I made the red brick rotate with the camera so it no longer moves.

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