How do I make a path like this?

Whats good everyone, I am struggling on replicating this extremely simple building style and I literally cannot understand how perfect this style.

How do I Create a perfect path like this? I know that the answer is probably extremely simple but I just cant seem to get it down :man_facepalming:

My Attempt With Archimedes:

Also for the inside of the circle, all the alignment gets messed up which I can’t seem to find away around either


Pretty sure they must of made a mesh in blender. Try that out.

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can you just copy the circle then scale it larger but make it shorter?

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Big bet, i’ll try that out right now!

That didn’t seem to go fairly well haha, heres another picture I took thats just like the path in the game, they look like they are made directly in Roblox.

Place paths on top of each other.

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HAHA Thank you!! That was such a simple solution :joy: